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Best Activities & Buildings for an Active Lifestyle In New York

Active Lifestyle in NYC

Fresh Start to Active Living Around New York in 2019

New year, new you? Whether you have grand ambitions for 2019 or just want to be a little more active, there’s an outdoor or active living option for you in New York City. From group fitness classes in the warmth and comfort of a studio to exercising while enjoying the city’s outdoor spaces, here’s some inspiration for making a fresh start with active living around New York in 2019. Plus, can’t get outside? Read down to find out about the buildings offering the best amenities for living an active lifestyle without having to leave home.

Join a yoga class

Whether you’re already flexible or are wanting to become more so, there’s a yoga studio on practically every street corner in NYC. Meditative yoga, hot yoga, restorative yoga, laughter yoga, and naked yoga (yes, really) are just a few of the varieties you can check out. Plus, in the summer you can join an outdoor yoga class--strike a tree pose while being surrounded by the real thing. Bryant Park, Prospect Park, Astoria Park, and Hudson River Park offer large open spaces as well as beautiful views, and rooftop yoga is also an option. The great thing about yoga is that you can practice at home without any special equipment, so fitting active living into your daily routine is super easy.

Kayak or canoe on a waterway

Kayaking or canoeing on the water is a great way to get in shape while admiring city skyline views. The New York City Water Trail links 160 square miles of waterways across New York’s boroughs, offering almost endless options for exploring. Plus, in the summer, some free kayaking and canoeing sessions are offered on the Hudson River, East River, and New York Harbor. You can hire kayaks/canoes and gear if you don’t have your own or want to see whether the sport is for you before making a larger investment. Kayaking and canoeing can be as solitary or sociable as you like, with tandem and single boats available, making it easy to combine your workout with an accountability buddy.

Cycle the city

While the dense urban environment of New York City might not seem to offer ideal cycling conditions, cycling is growing in popularity in the city. Many New Yorkers are now cycling to work, joining cycle clubs, and making use of bicycle sharing and hiring facilities. If zipping through the city traffic doesn’t appeal, Central Park and Prospect Park encourage cycling at the weekends by limiting or prohibiting motor vehicles, so you can enjoy a ride without the worry. Plus, you can always join a spinning studio for stationary cycle fun in conjunction with loud, up-tempo music. Expect to sweat.

Hike a trail

Hiking trails surrounded by nature may be closer to the central city than you think. Just an hour or two outside the city you can find woodland, rolling hills, streams, and lakes to explore. Bronx’s Pelham Bay Park, Arden Point-Hudson Highlands State Park, Staten Island’s Green Belt, and Franny Reese State Park are just a few of the easily accessible spots within a couple of hours of NYC that offer fun day hikes suitable for the whole family. To step up the activity level if you’re an experienced runner, try trail running. Some trails can be reached via public transport, while others do require your own set of wheels.  

Dance, dance, dance

New York is famous for its vibrant dance, from Broadway to Latin to hip hop to classical. Whether you dance like no one's watching or just want to try on some dancing shoes for a while, New York is the place to get active to the beat. For group dance classes in a gym setting, try Zumba. For something a little more risque but very good for your body, pole fitness will teach you some slinky moves. To combine dance moves with yoga and Pilates exercises, head to a barre studio. Plus, you can always practice what you learn in class during a night out on the town (go easy on the alcohol if you’re trying to get or stay in shape).

Cross-country skiing

If you have your own cross-country ski gear and there’s at least 6 inches of snow on the ground (which, let’s face it, is most winters now), head to Central Park to warm up. There’s flat and gentle hilly terrain that’s suitable for a range of levels of experience. The Sheep Meadow, Great Lawn, and North Meadow areas of the park are especially good for skiing. And of course, there are great cross-country skiing destinations a little further afield upstate, if you want to make a day or weekend trip of it. Rockland Lake State Park, Fahnestock State Park, and Minnewaska State Park Preserve are all fun destinations for cross-country skiing.

Buildings with Amenities to Live an Active Lifestyle

50 Riverside Boulevard


50 Riverside Boulevard is home to 50,000 square feet of lifestyle amenities by LA PALESTRA. 40,000 square feet of the amenities is the athletic and spa club which offers every activity you could imagine - swimming, rock climbing, gym, basketball, and 2 squash courts.

One Manhattan Square


No one does amenities quite like Extell Development. One Manhattan Square garnered attention when it was dubbed as a “City within a City” because of the very extensive amenity offering - spanning 100,000 square feet total! To stay active and healthy, One Manhattan Square will be offering residents a full size basketball court, fitness center, hammam with cold plunge, 75-ft 3 lane pool, and more.

American Copper Building


SHoP Architects has created a unique amenity space in the American Copper Building in the floating bridge that connects the two towers. Perhaps the most unique aspect? The pool that allows residents to swim from one tower to another 300 feet in the air. In addition to a pool, residents can enjoy a double-height fitness center, rock climbing, and a yoga studio.

Interested in which Buildings will allow you to live the lifestyle that you enjoy? Contact Us! We know the best amenities around the City.

What Do Rising Interest Rate Mean for the Housing Market?

rising mortgage rates

Mortgage rates of been on the rise lately, with the most recent tear higher garnering quite a bit of attention. The 30-year fixed rate is approaching 5%, a number that hasn’t been seen since around 2011. Remember, while rates are high relatively speaking, rates are still lower than what was observed in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The expectation is that rates will continue to rise with economists forecasting we will see 5% by the end of 2018 and could possibly see 6% by the end of 2019. Why are rates rising so rapidly? The most recent jobs report was indicative a strong economy with unemployment the lowest it has been in decades. A strong job market translates to a strong economy, and a strong economy means rising interest rates. 

So, what do rising rates mean for home buyers and the housing market? Remember the following

You Have Mortgage Options 

When headlines and the press speak to mortgage “rates” they are referring to the 30-year fixed rate. This is the most expensive mortgage product as it has the longest built in protection period. But what if you do not plan to be in the home for that long…why pay a premium for time protection that you may not need?

Many buyers are shocked to see all the various mortgage products that exist when they sit down and discuss their needs and options with a Mortgage Broker. A qualified Mortgage Broker will be able to advise on which product makes the most sense given your qualifications and time horizon. 

Control What You Can 

There are aspects that you can control when it comes to financing your home and getting the best rate possible. Two of the biggest influencing factors are 1) down payment and 2) credit score. 

Down payment:

The amount of money you put down on a home is one of the biggest tools you can use to lower your monthly payment because the more you put down, the less money you are borrowing. We understand getting a substantial down payment can be challenging, especially for first-time homebuyers who may be younger and faced with high student debt.

It is also important to remember that any down payment 20% or greater will remove the need for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) which can be a substantial savings on your monthly payment.

Credit Score:

If you have ever borrowed money, you know the importance of a strong credit score as it relates to getting the most favorable rates. Yes, you do not need the best credit score out there to qualify for a mortgage, however, the better your score the better the rate you will receive which means the lower your monthly payment will be. Turning a credit score around can take some time, so if purchasing a home with financing is in your future and your credit is damaged, start working hard now to get it on the rebound.

Tax Benefits

There are tax benefits to having a mortgage which are something to consider. While many do not know exactly where they stand in terms of tax liability given the new changes to tax code, we expect to get more clarity after filing 2018 returns.  

With that said, interest paid on a mortgage is generally tax deductible. Under the new tax laws, if you take out a new mortgage, you can deduct up to $750,000 in mortgage interest from your taxes.  In a sense, this makes your effective mortgage payment lower as you are getting benefits when you file your taxes…something to keep in mind.

Questions about taxes? We are not tax advisors and would defer you to your qualified tax advisor who has a full picture of your tax liabilities.

If You Are a Seller

Rising mortgage rates may not only impact buyers, those actually taking on a mortgage, but could also have an impact if you are a seller, so it is important to say abreast of market trends. 

Sellers – enlist the advice of your broker in regard to pricing. Your broker will be attuned to trends in the neighborhood and know if impacts are being felt as a result of rising rates. This is especially important for sellers who are selling property that is more likely to appeal to first-time home buyers who are more pressed for cash and concerned with monthly payments. Will a reduction in price make your property more attainable for them?

It is important for sellers to understand the buyer’s perspective given we are currently in a Buyer’s Market. Buyers are faced with a one-two punch of rising rates plus increased home prices over the past few years. Price your property according to what the market is dictating if you want to sell.

What does it all mean? We feel rising rates will certainly have impact on some home buyers that are on the cusp of affordability, however, we do not feel that rates are at a point where it could completely stall the market and put large downward pressure on pricing. In fact, some pent-up demand may be spurred to “jump” in to the market as affordability (of monthly payments) becomes a concern. People see the pace at which rates are rising and do not want to be priced out because of higher rates in a few months.

A Look Inside the 46th Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House

Kips Bay Designer Show House

The 46th annual Decorator Show House is underway, showcasing work from top interior designers. The Upper East Side townhouse at 110 East 76th Street has been completely transformed, and all for a good cause, namely the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. All proceeds from the events will go to the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club which provides after school enrichment programs to more than 10,000 youth in the Bronx. 

Kips Bay 110 Easy 76th Street

About the Kips Bay Decorator Show House

The Upper East Side is known for its historic and grandiose townhomes, and the Lenox Hill neighborhood, the site of this year’s show house, is no exception. The row of townhomes at 110-120 East 76th Street was originally built by Augustus Hatfield in 1883-85 and are unique in that they are 36’ feet, must larger than the standard townhouse width in New York. This year’s show house, at 110 East 76th Street, has been completely reworked by Robert Couturier. Renovations on the home began in 2010. Couturier is most known for his work for billionaire financier, Sir James Goldsmith which jumpstarted his career.

His vision for this year’s show house took inspiration from past projects he completed around the globe with an emphasis on the fact that the spaces in the house are meant to live in and move about, they are not simply “stages.” The expansive townhome provided the perfect backdrop for top interior designers to showcase their work.

110 East 76th Street spans 15,000 square feet across 7 floors. Part of the renovations included incorporating modern luxuries such as an elevator, which is accessible from each of the 7 floors. The home includes 8 bedrooms and 10 baths. It is a unique opportunity to own a wide townhouse on the Upper East Side. The Master Suit of the home alone spans 1,500 square feet and includes a separate sitting room, fireplace, and double baths.

It is currently offered at $51,000,000.

Decorator Show House

The expansive townhouse residence has become a showcase of work from renowned interior designers that have donated their time and skill to create the beautiful spaces. The interior features 7 floors of living space which have been transformed into sumptuous space from a attention grabbing, statement staircase to an elegant sitting room and Clive Christian kitchen.

Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club

The interior designers have spared no attention to detail throughout the home, sourcing their decor from the likes of Hermes, Sotheby's, Bergdorf Goodman, and Roche Bobois to name a few.

Take a look at a few of the beautifully curated rooms in this year's Decorator Show House:

The Show House will be running Until May 31st 2018.

110 East 76th Street
Monday-Saturday: 11-5pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 11-8pm
Sunday: 12-5pm

Tickets can purchased online in advance by visting Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Remember, all ticket proceeds benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.

Game Changer: Waterline Square Coming to the Upper West Side

waterline project.jpg

Slightly north of Hudson Yards, along the West Side of Manhattan, a new community is being built adjacent to the Hudson River called Waterline Square. This new mega-project by GID Development will be located between 59th and 60th Streets on the cusp of the Upper West Side, and will be home to, among other things, three Starchitect-designed residential towers. We have written about the importance of Starchitects before, and with 3 iconic architects designing a project together, we anticipate Waterline Square to be a big game changer in the area! Waterline Square will be a complete waterfront community complete with residential living, amenities, and retail.

The 3 residential towers will be positioned around a new 2.6-acre park. This lush park will feature cascading water features, a flowering meadow, and a fully equipped children’s playground. This new outdoor space will really be the anchor of the overall project. Residences of the towers will begin on floor 20 above, and all buildings will have access to The Waterline Club, a state of the art facility that will contain over 100,000 square feet of amenities.

One Waterline Square

One Waterline Square is designed by Pritzker Prize winner Richard Meier and will take up an entire city block with a coveted waterfront location. Residences of One Waterline Square will be graced with high ceilings, large banks of window offering homes amble light, and handpicked materials throughout.

1 waterline.jpg

Champalimaud Design has been tasked with designing the interiors of One Waterline. The design studio has concepted some of the most luxurious interiors around the world from private residences to hotels. Kitchens will be done in the finest materials while master baths will feature book-matched marble slabs.

1 waterline living room.jpg

In addition to the Waterline Club, residents will have access to a private suite of amenities for the tower also designed by Champalimaud.

Two Waterline Square

With a design accentuated by a series of ascending, set-back terraces atop the building, Two Waterline makes a striking statement at Waterline Square. Designed by John Pedersen Fox, who is known for glass towers that punctuate skyline, this building makes no exception to this rule. The base of the building will be home to a porte-cochere to welcome residents home.

2 Waterline.jpg

Yabu Pushelberg will be spearheading interior design at Two Waterline Square. The firm has over 35 years of experience designing interiors throughout the world. For this project, homes are designed around the floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the homes to take advantage of the building’s waterfront setting. Yabu Pushelberg has selected natural materials to use throughout such as kitchens done in chic and modern white marble with warm wood accents and white lacquer cabinets.

2 waterline kitchen.jpg

Three Waterline Square

The architect behind 432 Park Avenue, a building that captivated the world, is bring a design to Waterline Square. His building, Three Waterline, will be characterized by a diamond crown design atop the building. Residences are characterized by corners and gently sloping exterior walls that aim to capitalize on views in every direction.

3 waterline.jpg

The building will face directly onto the newly built park at the base, offering residents a Park arrival into the stunning lobby.

3 waterline living room.jpg

Groves & Co. will be leading interior design at Three Waterline, bringing a sleek and timeless sophistication to the homes. Residences will feature open kitchens with warm wood selections and elegant stone, with that elegant stone carried throughout bathrooms.

The building will also have a suite of private amenities designed by Groves & Co.

Amenities – The Waterline Square

Amenities have been a big differentiator among luxury properties in New York, especially in a competitive New Development market. The offering at Waterline Square will take amenities to a level we have not seen before. In fact, the list is much too lengthy to even list everything out!

waterclub lobby.jpg

The Waterline Club will be the home to amenities, a 100,000 square foot facilities with a grand hall at the center, and specific spaces for sports, fitness, social, swim, spa, creative, children’s, and pets. Waterline Square will also be home to the first ever combined food hall, market, restaurant, and bar experience by Cipriani.

waterline pool.jpg

Some of the Club amenities will include:

·      Full court basketball

·      25 meter, 3 lane lap pool

·      steam rooms

·      First indoor tennis court appended to a condo

·      Bowling Alley

·      Art Studio

·      Indoor Gardening room

·      Dog Washing Station

·      Children’s playroom & party room


Prices start around $2M with a 20-year tax abatement anticipated. If you are interested in this project or other new developments, contact us for more info and your private tour.




Images Via: Waterline Square


5 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in the World

Sometimes we think New York City real estate prices are sky-high, having seen apartments sell for $100 million, however, some of the most expensive homes for sale in the world are outside of Manhattan. 

From a fashion designer's sprawling Côte d'Azur estate to a handbag titan's ultra-modern (and lavish) Bel-Air mansion, the one thing these properties have in common is a price tag that can shock even the most jaded of us all. For some properties at this price level, little details are known as owners want to maintain the utmost privacy, only sharing details and photos with serious buyers. 

Hold on to your seat as these properties are simply jaw-dropping. 

1. La Villa Les Cèdres- $1.06B



Last August, Les Cèdres, in the glitzy French Riviera town of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, hit the market asking an astronomical 1 Billion Euros. The asking price makes this storied villa the most expensive home in the world. The 10 bedroom home that comes with 30 horse stables and a 35-acre private botanical garden was once the home of King Leopold II. The home was later  acquired by the Marnier-Lapostolle family of the Grand Marnier dynasty, but was turned over to Campari last March when the company acquired Grand Marnier. The gardens are considered to be one of the most valuable aspects, aside from its location, of the home, being deemed a national heritage site by the French government. 

2. Le Palais Bulles- $455M



According to the listing at Christie's, the price of this French Riviera home is "upon request", however, multiple sourced have reported the asking price to be $455M. The home, owned by French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, is comprised of 12,916 square feet of interior space with 10 bedrooms. The design is composed of a series of pink terra cotta orbs joined together, with each orb being a different room of the house. This design element is what gives the home its futuristic feel. You might recognize the home as it was the location of the Dior 2016 Resort Collection fashion show. 

3. 18 Carlton House Terrace- $380M



Little is known about this London property that hit the market with a huge price tag to go along with it. The 19th century mansion is comprised of approximately 50,000 square feet and is situated in a prime London location, moments away from Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square. The property is believe to be owned by a member of a Middle East royal family. It has been reported that an exclusive brochure was created that was only circulated to the super wealthy, however, it contained old photographs as the owner did not want to reveal his possessions for privacy reasons. 


4. La Tour Odeon Penthouse- $335M



This Monaco penthouse takes the prize for "most expensive apartment" given its staggering asking price of $335M. La Tour Odeon is Monaco's tallest building, and the 5-floor penthouse occupies floors 45-49 of the building. The apartment is comprised of 31,500 square feet with a roofdeck that includes its own private pool complete with a waterslide. The fact that the home is in a brand new, amenity-rich (private Mercedes shuttle service) makes it rare in Monaco. Wealthy individuals flock to the principality because of its non-existent tax policy. Imagine watching the Grand Prix from this vantage point!

5. 924 Bel Air Road- $250M

Bel Air, California


When handbag titan Bruce Makowsky's recently completed Bel Air mansion hit the market in January, it received the name of "most expensive home for sale in the U.S.". This over-the-top mansion is comprised of 38,000 square feet with 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms. The ultra-wealthy buyer of this home will also receive a laundry list of luxury items throughout the home. This list includes $30M worth of cars, millions of dollars worth of art, and Roberto Cavalli table settings to name a few. Don't worry, Makowsky is including a staff of 7 for two years in the purchase price to keep the property running. 

5 of the Best Kitchens On the Market Now

Everyone likes to joke that New Yorkers do not use their kitchens at all, but we beg to differ. Even if you are a Seamless fanatic, don't you want to enjoy it in a beautiful space? From the avid cooker to the complete novice, these kitchens will certainly make you want to have more meals at home!

What's trending in the best kitchens in 2017? Interior designers have weighed in and identified a few trends that they are calling the big kitchen trends of 2017, which are identifiable in our 5 best kitchen picks on the market.

  • Tuxedo Cabinets: Two-tone cabinets will be right on trend. Whether its a complimentary color on the top vs. the bottom, or contrasting stone inlays, look for cabinets that vary throughout the kitchen.
  • Mixed Hardware Finishes: Gone are the days of simple, silver finishes throughout the kitchen. Mix of the materials of your finishes to create interest. Perhaps its a gold faucet with brass hardware pulls, or pewter fixtures with a complimentary finish on the stove hood as a focal piece. 
  • Lighter Color Palettes: People are gravitating towards lighter finishes in their kitchens, trading dark wood for lighter woods and white. In fact, all-white kitchens are becoming quite popular.
  • Hidden Appliances: Where's the fridge? What about the dishwasher? Hidden appliances are right on trend as they make the kitchen appear more streamlined. Refrigerators are being covered with the same finish as the cabinets so it blends in seamlessly. 


5 of the Best Kitchens on the Market


1 Seaport:

2017 Kitchen Trends

1 Seaport's kitchen are designed around an open concept to integrate with the living space. Kitchens are outfitted with custom walnut cabinetry, upper door Calacatta Gold inlays, and illuminated Calacatta gold marble backsplashes. The appliance package is by Gaggenau. Notice the tuxedo cabinet concept with the upper marble inlays and the concealed refrigerator. 

45 East 22nd Street:

The upper residences of Madison Square Park tower have kitchens that are stunning, especially with the backdrop of incredible city views. Finishes in the kitchens include custom Molenti cabinets, marble countertops, Waterworks fixtures, and Nanz fittings. Appliances are by Sub-Zero and Miele. Imagine making dinner with those views of the World Trade Center!

180 East 88th Street:

Kitchens at this Upper East Side development are custom designed by Molteni&C Dada. They feature honed Italian Statuario marble slab countertops, integrated Gaggenau appliances, and brass details throughout. How beautiful are these custom hoods? The brass brings a warm feeling to the space.

One Manhattan Square:

2017 Kitchen Trends

Kitchens at One Manhattan Square by Extell Development come in two color schemes. Residents are able to choose from a dark or light scheme. Shown, is the light scheme in all-white...right on trend! Kitchens are outfitted with custom cabinetry, Miele appliances, Dornbracht fittings, stainless steel mosaic backsplashes, and stone bar tops. The views at One Manhattan Square don't hurt either!

200 East 59th Street:

2017 Kitchen Trends

Keeping with the overall design of the building, kitchens at the new 200 E 59th Street have a classic modernist aesthetic, many adjacent to full floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Finishes throughout the kitchens include Italian white glass and aluminum cabinets, honed Calcutta marble slab countertops, natural white oak wood islands, and integrated Miele Brilliant White appliances. 

Ready to live in the best kitchens in Manhattan? Contact us for more information and to schedule your appointment.

4 Reasons Why You Should Stage Your Home

Reasons to Stage Your Home

We often get asked the importance of home staging and, more specifically, if it is something a seller should do. As a team of real estate brokers, we have not only seen the importance of staging, but also the value it brings to a property as well. We like to think of it as “Staged and Sold”

Staging a home is certainly an investment, but it is an investment that has driven results for sellers all across the country. Many home sellers are hesitant to stage their home because they think it is too costly, too much effort, and won’t yield results.

Get all these reasons out of your head because staging your home is an extremely effective tool that can reduce your home’s time on the market and increase its value, both of which are money in your pocket. Additionally, in a highly competitive real estate market, staging can be a tool that gives your home a competitive edge.

So, you are probably wondering, why should I stage my home?


1. A Powerful Marketing Tool:

A sound marketing strategy is necessary for any listing, from social media campaigns to open houses, and yes, staging, marketing is a key component of selling a home. Staging is, in fact, a form of marketing and an effective one at that as it allows the buyer to mentally move in to your home and visualize the space.

  • Make photographs more appealing for use on web, social, and digital campaigns
  • Staging makes your home memorable and can serve as a differentiator
  • Position your home as appropriate for the target audience through the lifestyle you portray with the staging

Imagine a buyer that has tirelessly been looking at properties, perhaps empty apartment after empty apartment. In the mind of the buyer, they all start looking the same and nothing notable can quickly be recalled from memory. In this instance, staging would make your home “stand out from the crowd” and be more memorable to prospective buyers.

2. Increase the Value of Your Home:

A staged home looks appealing and inviting, and also allows the buyer to more easily see his or herself in the space. All of these aspects help to evoke a sense of desire in prospective buyers. As a result, a buyer is more willing to pay a premium for something he or she deems as desirable and valuable to him or her.

In fact, the National Association of Realtors conducted research that reported that for 32% of buyers the value the buyer was willing to offer for a staged home was 1-5% higher than an unstaged home, and even went as high as a 10% premium!

3. Your Home Will Sell Faster:

The Real Estate Staging Association reports that homes staged prior to listing spend on average 76% less time on the market. Their research concluded that staging did, in fact, work to reduce time spent on market.

Less time on the market means savings for you. Many sellers forget that the longer their home sits on the market, the longer they are responsible for mortgage payments, maintenance costs, etc. which all add up and can sometimes be more than the cost of staging!

4.  First Impressions Are Everything:

The old saying you have been hearing since childhood comes into play with staging and selling your home as well. Today, the majority of buyers start their home search online, and the power of images has never been more important.

  • Staging will make your home stand out in online searches, increasing the chances of attracting prospective buyers right out of the gate.
  • Staging often involves decluttering and depersonalizing the space, two important factors for appealing to a wide audience
  • If you do not stage your home properly from the beginning you risk making a bad first impression and face the costs of lost time.


An Example:

20 West 64th Street, Unit 28DE represented by The Victoria Shtainer Team exemplifies effective staging. The apartment, an expansive 3,045 square foot home by Lincoln Center, offers ample space and stunning views. Living in this home offers a true lifestyle, being located right in the heart of Lincoln Center with some of the best the city has to offer at your finger tips.

Why You Should Stage Your Home


Without staging, the apartment feels very expansive and it is hard for prospective buyers to actually visualize waking up in the master with Central Park views or imagine their family watching TV in the media room. The staging brings the apartment to life and the buyer can mentally move in, understanding what makes the apartment truly special. The photographs speak for themselves.

20 West 64th Street 28DE
One Lincoln Plaza 28 DE

We successfully transformed our listing at 166 Perry Street (which has sold) with the power of staging. The apartment had a personal touch, as the layout was to the owner's specification. The staging decluttered and depersonalized the spaces into functional rooms that appeal to any audience. Below is an example of just one room in the expansive 5 bedroom apartment showing the before and after:

166 perry street

Why White is Trending

why white is trending

Why Everyone is Loving White

In 2016, white is making trends year-round, not just between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Out are the days where it is a faux-pas to wear or utilize the crisp color in your interiors and accents past Labor Day. In interior design, all-white is a strong trend for 2016. 

White feels especially refreshing in the summer, but many are enjoying the crisp, minimal, feeling as many look to decrease clutter throughout their homes. We are seeing the trend carried out throughout entire homes, with the newest luxury kitchens and baths featuring tonal white countertops and appliances, as well as luxurious marble and stone finishes in baths. 

Many are attracted to white because of its simplicity. It serves as a great background for interesting art, patterned interior accents and more. The color also evokes a sense of airiness that can make a space feel open and revitalized. This can be something to consider if you are thinking about listing your home. 

Design Trend of 2016

In luxury real estate, we are always seeing cutting-edge design trends, being the first set of eyes on designer showcase houses and by working closely with top staging agencies. From lush white rugs in living spaces to novel white accents, the refreshing white color palette is transforming spaces. Not only is white being utilized in interior designs, it is also trending in The Hamptons as an exterior color of choice. New homes are being constructed in classic hamptons style with wooden shingle sides done in clean white rather than tan tones. 

The Victoria Shtainer Team has curated a selection of "it" white design pieces to inspire you to add a little touch of this trend throughout your home.

interior design white 2016

Bubble Lamp- George Nelson
Ceramic Elephant Bank- Jonathan Adler
Positano Candle- Cire Trudon
A9 Speaker System- Beoplay
Maestria Espresso Machine- Nespresso
Cashmere Throw- Barney's
Grand Baxter Couch- Jonathan Adler


Looking for some white inspiration in luxury real estate? We have got you covered. We are loving the kitchen at our exclusive listing at 117 Bridies Path in Southampton. The brand new construction features a kitchen that is just waiting to be enjoyed with its pristine white calcutta marble counter tops and fresh custom designed white cabinets. Dinner party prep anyone?

117 Bridies Path Southampton NY

And, perhaps the most lust-worthy luxury real estate? This jaw-dropping bathroom at the exclusive 432 Park Avenue. The white backdrop is the perfect frame for the stunning views across Central Park and upper Manhattan. Get a look inside the luxurious 432 Park Avenue condominium here.

And you thought white was boring?

New York Luxury Properties Lure Buyers With Pools

NYC Luxury Pools

Summer is beginning to heat up in the city, and as subway platforms begin to approach 100 degrees, we are all reminded of what seems to be a suburban commodity and an urban luxury, namely swimming pools. 

Sure, you can visit certain hotels throughout the city, and often times, pay to use the pool for a day or even try to get a membership to the exclusive SoHo House. However, in the Manhattan luxury market, pools are becoming a highly sought after amenity that can be found in some of the most luxurious and exclusive buildings and homes throughout the city. With that being said, the luxury of having your own pool in the building or even a private pool can come at a significant cost. 

Take a look at some of the best properties throughout the city that give the resident access to a pool. 

50 United Nations Plaza Penthouse

50 United Nations Plaza

Situated across from the United Nations, this new 43-story black tower has become an exclusive address in the city. The building offers an array of apartments and sizes, however, our eye is on the duplex penthouse on the 42nd and 43rd floors. The 9,700 sq ft duplex is comprised of 4 bedrooms and 6.5 baths, and features a private infinity pool on the 43rd floor. What better way to beat the heat than your own pool in the sky with spectacular views of downtown Manhattan and the East River? Asking Price: $70M

One57 Indoor Pool via  Extell Development

One57 Indoor Pool via Extell Development


It may come as no surprise that the high-rise situated on what has been dubbed "Billionaire's Row" features one of the most luxurious indoor pools. Residents of One57 have a plethora of amenities at their fingertips as the building is part of the Park Hyatt Hotel and features a 20,000 sq ft amenities floor. The building has become iconic as it transformed the Midtown skyline, rising to 90 stories. Availabilities range from 1 Bedrooms starting around $3M to a 4 bedroom residence on the 83rd floor with spectacular views asking $58.5M. The finishes of the indoor, heated pool matched the sleek interiors of the residences. Additionally, the pool space features triple-height ceilings. 

Soori High Line unit 5A via  Soori

Soori High Line unit 5A via Soori

Soori High Line

The Soori, a new development along the high line at 29th street receives the title of "greatest number of homes with private pools" in the city.  The Soori, designed by award-winning architects SCDA, features 31 residences, with 16 having private, heated pools. The pools are integrated into the modern, open-concept designs that feature floor-to-ceiling windows. Unit 5A is currently on the market with a private pool. The 3,586 sq ft 5 bed 5 bath residence features 2 terraces in addition to the private pool and is asking $10.875M.

443 Greenwich Penthouse A via Hayes Davidson

443 Greenwich Penthouse A via Hayes Davidson

443 Greenwich Street

The Tribeca Lofts at 443 Greenwich Street  ( at Vestry Street) is a new luxury building in downtown Manhattan. The building was a former book binding factory which now features 53 condos. Residences vary in size, however, Penthouse A, currently on the market, is the crown jewel of the building. The triplex penthouse is comprised of 8,569 sq ft and 5 beds and 6.5 baths. The notable feature, of course, is the private pool found on the terrace which offers spectacular skyline views. Asking price: $55M

11 N Moore Penthouse Terrace via  Streeteasy

11 N Moore Penthouse Terrace via Streeteasy

11 N. Moore 

11 N Moore is a boutique Tribeca condominium that offers just 18 residences. On top of the building is a grand penthouse that is, perhaps, the crown jewel of penthouses. The residence features large picture windows and soaring ceilings up to 18 feet. In addition to the 7,000 sq ft of interior living space, the penthouse features 3,800 sq ft of exterior terrace space which is also home to a private pool. The unit is currently on the market, asking $29.995M and is newly on the rental market asking $75,000/MO.


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Newest New York Luxury Hotels Bring Style and Design

NYC Luxury Hotels

It goes without saying that the New York hotel market is quite crowded with hundreds of hotels throughout the city. Luxury hotels have made their mark on the city by serving not only as hotel for guests, but trendy destinations for city goers alike by offering restaurants from renowned chefs and top-notch nightlife. The new wave of stylish hotels opening in New York is bringing not only big news in hospitality, but they are also being designed by big names in the architecture and design world such as Philippe Starck.

New luxury hotels are popping up around town from Park Avenue to SoHo. Take a look at what will, perhaps, become the new "it" places in the city:

SLS Park Avenue

SLS Park Avenue- The trendy hotel brand, SLS, by SBE will finally be coming to New York. The new hotel is slated to open this coming fall and is situated at Park Avenue at 30th Street. The property is designed by world famous architect Philippe Starck as his first New York hotel design since the Hudson Hotel in 2000. Not many details have emerged about the specifics of the restaurant and nightlife, however, SLS does say it will bringing vibrant new restaurant and nightlife concepts- that we can be sure of from the trendy hotel group!

11 Howard- This new spot in SoHo is now open and brings a fresh, minimalist design to the area. The hotels concept was designed by SPACE Copenhagen as they infused their minimalist Danish roots into the space. The property features custom finishes, bespoke furniture, as well as an inviting bar and library. 

The Beekman

The BeekmanThompson hotels is bring some luxury to downtown with its new property at 123 Nassau Street. The hotel is situated in a downtown landmark building that is known for its nine-story atrium and pyramidal skylight. The design is being overseen by Martin Brudnizki who has designed SoHo Houses around the globe. In addition to the hotel, the The Beekman offers luxurious residences and culinary options be chef Tom Colicchio.




Photos: SLS Hotels, 11 Howard, Thompson Hotels