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Home Features New Yorkers Will Pay Extra For

Smart Home Features

Sellers are often hesitant when it comes to upgrading a home before the sale. This is understandable considering that they won’t be living there. Besides, remodeling and staging a home can be expensive, so it is important to ensure any investment is put towards features/finishes that will likely reap a return. A home upgrade done wisely can help you sell your NYC home faster and for a much better price. Namely, there are certain home features New Yorkers will pay extra for. Hence, sellers with a tight remodeling budget should focus primarily on those features.

Must-have home features New Yorkers will pay extra for

Energy Efficient Features

It’s not a secret that New York is a pricey city. Energy efficiency is one of the home features New Yorkers will pay extra for precisely because it saves a ton of money in the long run.  Naturally, home buyers who want to limit their utility bills are drawn to energy-efficient properties. But that’s not the only type of buyers interested in this home feature. Due to the increased environmental concerns, energy efficiency has become a priority unrelated to cost-trimming. Energy efficient heating and air conditioning, eco-friendly appliances, low emission windows and extra insulation are all among the home features New Yorkers pay extra for.

Technologically Advanced Features

Today’s home buyers, especially the younger generations, are rapidly adapting smart home technology and are willing to spend extra cash on it. Smart home features are no longer found only in NYC’s most expensive homes. They have become more common and affordable to the average buyer. Tech-savvy buyers look for things like high-tech, programmable thermostats they can control via different mobile devices, key-less locks they can access via Bluetooth, and total programmable entertainment systems.

Pet-friendly Home Features New Yorkers Will Pay Extra For

The number of proud pet owners in NYC is increasing. Many home buyers are willing to pay extra for a pet-friendly home. Although keeping pets like cats or dogs is not allowed everywhere, buildings with pet amenities can be found across the city, including some of Manhattan’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Things like integrated crates, gates and built-in bowls are more sought-after than ever before. Amenities such as dog washing salons, spas, dog training studios and indoor playrooms where dogs can mingle even if it’s rainy outside are some of the features dog lovers look for these days.

Storage Space

Space in NYC comes at a premium. Square footage is expensive; space is a luxury many New Yorkers dream of having. Therefore, they are willing to pay extra for a home that provides enough storage space for their belongings. Even if it’s a small home we’re talking about, there are ways to add storage space in every room and make it more functional. Internal storage in the form of cupboards and shelves is something buyers appreciate, as well as closets that have been upgraded by the likes of California Closets to maximize usage of space. A suburban home with under-house storage, a large shed or garage is also likely to attract buyers who are willing to pay extra.

Walk-in Closet

Speaking of storage space, a walk-in closet in a master bedroom is becoming one of the features home buyers want most. While singles want to keep all of their clothes, shoes and accessories in one place, couples often want more closet space because they will be sharing it. A walk-in closet also makes it easier to organize your stuff and provides a cleaner look. So, if the home you are selling does not have this feature, consider converting a smaller room into a custom walk-in closet.

Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry is a must-have kitchen feature, especially for families with children. A lot of kitchens lack space for storing things like non-perishable food items and kitchenware. While reach-in closet pantries provide limited space, a walk-in pantry offers a larger, better organized storage area just a few steps away from the food preparation area, making it a perfect extension for your kitchen.

Hardwood Flooring

In comparison to carpets, hardwood is both more durable and easier to maintain. Pure hardwood flooring can last a lifetime when maintained properly. Engineered wood flooring is a cheaper option you might want to consider when working with a tighter budget, whether you are preparing to sell or buy a home in NYC, especially if the money you'll need for your NYC move does not leave you much choice.

Multiple Entertainment Areas

Many buyers like to have more than one room where they can spend time with their family and friends. If you are a buyer who wants multiple living/entertainment areas, you’ll need to pay extra for this feature. Afterwards, you can get your piano to Manhattan with ease, add some comfy sofas, and create an elegant area ideal for entertaining guests.

Outdoor Space

It is not only the home’s interior NY buyers are interested in. Living in a concrete jungle sure makes you appreciate greenery and outdoor space. Thus, a backyard, rooftop deck, terrace, or even a tiny balcony can increase the price of a home significantly. And if the balcony comes with a beautiful view - even better.