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5 Tips for Making a Home Office

Home Office Tips

With all the technology it is no surprise that 'telecommuting' or working from home is on the rise as it can provide more work-life balance. Additionally, many run their business from their homes full time. A home office can be a valuable and productive space when done correctly, whether you are sitting down to pay the occasionally bill or running an empire from your home. Here are five things to consider when designing your home office.

Location: Consider what space within your home you are thinking about transforming into a home office. Consider spaces with large windows and light. Your surroundings can highly impact your work ethic and attitude, so if you are going to be spending a large amount of time in your office it is important to ensure it is positioned correctly. Have you given thought to separating your work space from your spouse's? Our 166 Perry Street listing incorporates an office for him as well as a "woman cave" for her which can be a functional work space.

Functionality: Having a balance between design and function is important when it comes to an office since the ultimate goal is to get work done. Of course we all want our spaces to be aesthetically pleasing, but keep functionality in mind when shopping for furniture, accessories, and decor. 

Organization: Make your space organized! It will eliminate clutter and allow for a more efficient work environment. Consider using your space wisely, as many home offices are on the smaller side. Shelves are a great way to use vertical space above a desk. There are some great desks that have a shelf system as part of the desk which is great for storage and organization. We love the amount of storage this Restoration Hardware desk offers.

Color: Paint the wall a color by which you will love to be surrounded. Different colors have different effects on mood and the feelings they evoke. The psychology of color certainly affects each one differently, however, blue is generally said to be the most productive color.

Equipment: Just like functionality vs. design, strike a balance between equipment and accessories/decor. It can be easy to spend on accessories to add to the space, however, it is important to ensure you have the proper equipment first so you can get work done. Invest in a good desk chair such as this one by Herman Miller.